Q. What is Rant?

A. Rant is a safe place to tell the world how you feel and what you are thinking.


Q.  How can I add a Rant?

A. It is simple just go to the top right of main page and register. Once registered, select create a rant.

If you are already registered just login and create a new rant.


Q. Do I need to include my Email?

A. Absolutely not.

The only reason we ask for your email (Which is optional) is if you forget your password.  

Without it you will need to create a new account.

 If you are having login issues email us at Login-issues@Rant.NYC


Q. How can it view a Rant?

A. Without logging in you can view any rant. If you do want to “Rant Back” you will need to register and/or login.


Q. What can I Rant about?

A. You can Rant about anything you like.

Just categories it correctly and make sure that the picture and text you include is original and yours.  


Q. Who can Rant?

A. Any Adult (18 yrs of age or older) who lives or works in New York City.


Q. What is Popular Rants and Rant Royalty?

A. It is our way of showing Popular Rants (100 or more – Thumbs up or Down) or

Rant Royalty is our way of showing the Kings & Queens of the Rant (1000 or more – Thumbs up or Down)


Q. I don’t see the Correct Category to post a Rant.

A. Let us know. Login and Select – “Request a new Rant About Category” 

Complete the form and based upon your request we will optionally include this Category.


Q. How do I get back to the home page?

A. At any time just click Lady Liberty and you will be on the home page.


We will be updating FAQ as the need arises