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Everyone who thinks $15 dollars is a good this has something coming.

The $1 meal is now a $3 or $4 dollar meal.

If the fastfood worker are getting a 50% bump.

Every worker will want the same no matter the industry. Now we have hyper-inflation.

Everything we buy in NYC will be more expensive as every business will need to compete to pay their workers more than $15 per hour to keep them.

So the reasoning behind the $15 per hour is simple.
The unions want their cut.

So you will get $15 per hour which is really $13 after the union collects your dues.

Why is the government is pushing this as well?
It is simple!

You are not poor any more you are making $15 per hour.
NYC will get their taxes from you. (Payroll and income tax)
NYC does not need to provide you any welfare benefits.

No food stamps, No subsidized and Housing and no free Metrocard.

At the end of the day the lower taxes and benefits you get will be more then what is left over.

Who loses – Every New Yorker !

 Jack123 / Male / June 6, 1997 / Manhattan