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I’m back again! This time it’s to talk about the 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms. Now, I for one, do not care much about this law because I don’t like guns but I do feel everyone, legally, has a right to have one. Recently, there was a shooting in a church. Good Lord?!?! What the hell is going on? Adjusting this law, to me, will not change a damn thing. Maybe I’m wrong, but if someone wants a gun, I’m pretty sure they will obtain it illegally. It’s the same with drugs. “Oh, I put this drug law in place, now everyone is going to abide by it.” Yeah right! What happened during the prohibition era? People found ways around these laws. Taking away people’s guns is an option but I don’t see how this would stop someone from obtaining a gun. I hate guns to be honest and feel they cause more destruction than good but no one cares. I just wish there were sensible people in this world that would stop taking matters into their own hands. This is not only a mental health issue but also a gun policy issue, in which both go hand in hand but I still feel changing this law will cause more havoc because now people will go out their way to obtain a gun. End rant.

 ilovequeens / Male / 11/02/1989 / Staten Island