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Now I don’t normally speak my thoughts because my opinion doesn’t amount to much but am I the only one that is sick and tired of panhandlers? I get it, you need money. Shoot, we all need money! But going about asking for a handout is not a viable option. Yes, I would like to help everyone and be generous but sometimes it takes a toll on one’s psyche. There isn’t one day that goes by that I question myself as to how one can muster up the courage to go about asking for change to everyday citizens who are either going or coming from work. I was approached by a panhandler who was “raising money” for children or what not and I, without a second thought oblige and parted with a dollar I had in my pocket. Soon after I got off the train I was stopped by a man who saw me give this man my dollar. He asked, “Don’t you know he’s an addict?” to which I replied, “I didn’t know.” He went on to say I could spot an addict because I was formerly one and right then and there I felt like a fool. It pissed me off because I genuinely like helping people but I learned my lesson. He said the gesture was nice of me but always be aware so now I am a bit cautious as to where I give my hard earned money, which isn’t much! No more panhandlers on the train!!! End rant.

 ilovequeens / Male / 11/02/1989 / Staten Island